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Monthly Highlights

Step into the world of Elevate Community Ministries and read more about the big wins and all the in-betweens!

updated 11/15/23

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  • Hosted "journeys unplugged" with Kristin Triplett, Jane Lacher and Zoe Ker performing

  • Hosted a Recovery Fair - a day of speakers and information sharing by area agencies to support the recovery community. 

  • Worked with the Health Department as they hosted their annual community baby shower for low income pregnant women - what a wonderful event

  • New trivia winners: Combination Platter

  • High schoolers continue to find respite from the school day in the ping pong room

  • Had record sales at the Messiah Craft Show

  • Sales increased 36% from September - the community is discovering our menu!

  • Sold 474 lattes, 210 toasted tacos and 142 cups of hot chocolate!

  • We had an visit from the Midland Township Fire Department to learn about the gear and tools that fire fighters use. The kids also had the opportunity to sit inside the firetruck! 

  • We welcomed 2 new babies to our program!

  • We had our annual costume parade through the halls of Messiah! It was so much fun to see kids and their families dressed up for the day! 

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New Building 

  • Refrigeration is installed and looks amazing.

  • Retail shelving has arrived and we will be working to assemble those over the next weeks (FYI - Ed & John are going to put one together to see what skill level is required before we open this up to everyone)


Current Bridge

  • 2321 unique families served in 2023 YTD (2022 was 2,235)

  • There are many ways to volunteer on the website - not all are inside the Bridge so check it out!


  • Veteran Mom in the hospital called The Bridge and asked for help for her family. Due to the generosity of someone purchasing gift cards for such needs, we were able to give the Dad and 2 daughters a $25 gift card to do some shopping. All the time they shopped, Mom was on the phone on Facetime chatting with them. It was Halloween and the girls came dressed in their costumes. This was a difficult day for them, but their visit to The Bridge hopefully made them feel loved and encouraged.

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last updated 10/1/2023

  • In September we invoiced  $62,164.63 in retail value.with discounts and help from others we were able to bring that number down to $34,190.26 - saving our clients $27,974.37

  • We had 3 car donations

  • We sold two cars.


last updated 9/2023

  • God has been sending amazing volunteers our way

  • Danielle O'Dell-Avery came to complete community service requirements and is now a Pivot Point Employee

  • Darryl White has been volunteering to provide Matt and the team coaching and organizational insights to streamline processes in place

  • Katie came to complete community service hours and is staying on as a casual volunteer to help with cleaning appliances 

  • Marie Thurlow stopped in to purchase a washing machine and left as a volunteer. Her personal background is in graphic design and public relations and she is jumping into the deep end as she is actively reviewing our web presence and is preparing to support Pivot Point efforts especially in the realm of social media 

  • The Driving positions has been filled by Richard Endicott. Richard came to us through a recommendation from MCFO. 

*a separate non-profit entity, sister company to Elevate Community Ministries


last updated 10/1/2023

  • We are excited to introduce our new Practice Manager, Jen Purifoy, with great experience including a Bachelor in Healthcare Administration, Managing the Essexville and Bay City RediMed's and most recently was Associate Director of Ross Education.

  • We had another painting party on September 17th with 10 people helping out.  Our last painting party will be October 22nd from 1:00-3:00 to finish the job.  Hope you can make it.

  • We have seen over 1100 patients now with over 1800 visits!  Currently over 70% of our visits are ALICE and those in Poverty.

  • We now have over 60 reviews.  Some of the reviews include feedback such as: Patient and understanding staff, feeling better after being given assistance understanding insurance, feeling welcome and comfortable, as well as a warm and welcoming environment. Many patients are grateful for and uplifted by the prayer offered. 

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