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Harleigh Jade's Fight Continues Amidst Transportation Crisis

You won't want to miss this special story from sweet Harleigh Jade and her parents, Bruce and Carly!

Bruce and Carly were relieved from a transportation crisis so they can do what parents do best and care for their daughter, Harleigh. Harleigh was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of two. Shortly following her diagnosis, both Carly and Bruce lost their jobs, therefore losing the health insurance necessary for making Harleigh's treatments affordable. Today, Carly is employed, however, due to the restrictive Medicare guidelines the family is capped at one income. You can only imagine how disruptive car issues would be in these conditions.

Tune-in to hear the rest of Carly, Bruce, and Harleigh's story and the impact His Hands had on their relief from transportation crisis.

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